New Story'14


Its been a few months i tak update blog kan? cewah dah ber i sekarang, haha well, im 17 now, so be matured & stay classy. Hm, banyak cerita yang korang tak tahu day by day kan? No need to know kot, i will keep it secret.

So, i come back to write a new story. idk how to tell, where to start, but i will write. 

So lets begin.... hm aku ada kenal dengan sorang budak ni, well i ve been single for so long time, heartbroken gila, sebab before this, someone game aku & i stop find for a love. then tahun ni, aku kenal dengan muhammad haziq b jasni. he s the one who bring me out, he s makes me alive back, he s bright my life & more. we start our story with, twitter. yah, dekat twitter aku kenal dia. actually kenal dia lama dah, em i mean i ve crush on him since last year, everyday stalk dia without no reason, sebab time tu crush macam tu je, aku tahu dia takkan pandang aku, haha. and then, bila twitter lama kena hack, and i ve made a new twitter so i forget all about him. serious tak ingat langsung pasal dia dah. i start a new life.

so, on 6feb, aku tweet lirik lagu that should be me on twitter, then dia sambung, and everyday we do the same thing, tegur tegur pun start dari lirik lagu. such a romantic memories to keep right? hm, then one fine day, he dm me "Hanna, rindu" waaaa, my heart beat faster. and time on the phone for the first time tu, he tell me he stalk my old acc that have been hacked, then dia kata dia ada follow acc tu, so im shocked & terus teringat dia lah crush aku tahun lepas tu. im fall in love with this boy ya Allah. so we start texting each other, late night on the phone for everyday, gurau senda, and everything. 

on 10feb, he propose me, ya Allah, my first tears for 2014 and its for him. rasa bahagia tu Allah je yang tahu macam mana rasa, nangis macam dia 'bahagia' yang aku tunggu selama ni. and i accept. i keep praying for everyday supaya Allah kekalkan hubungan ni. this is my happiness, i said it in my heart. we loves each other, we play for some stupid jokes, we laugh we sulk, we everything. no one can feel me, but this is the key for my happiness. i promise to myself, i will make him happy as much as i can.